Industrial Uses and Comparison of 2024 Aluminum Alloy
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While considering distinctive alloys for an extrusion venture, it is critical to comprehend the properties of each composite. Also, it is essential to understand how it looks in comparison to other options for bright dip anodizing.

2024 aluminum is a combination that is regularly utilized in the aeronautic industry. It is a high-quality composite reasonable for jobs requiring a high strength-to-weight proportion and phenomenal fatigue obstruction. Accordingly, it is found in fuselage and wing structures that regularly gone under tension.  This combination is frequently expelled, yet it can likewise be found in sheet and plate structure.

A few General Attributes of 2024 Aluminum

This alloy has weak resistance to corrosion, high strength, weldability, excellent workability, and fair machinability. In line with 2000 series alloy, 2024 aluminum is heated frequently to enhance its strength.

Corosion ResistancePoor
Brazability and WeldabilityPoor

 Comparison of 2024 Aluminum with Other Alloys

The 2024 alloy is regularly picked for applications that require high quality, yet you might be thinking about different choices for your specific use. The following are some other regular alloys that are frequently considered as an alternative.

2024 Aluminum vs. 6061 Aluminum

6061 aluminum, otherwise called “basic aluminum,” is an alloy in the 6000 arrangement with magnesium as its essential alloying component. It offers medium to high quality yet doesn’t provide the equivalent tensile or yield quality that 2024 does. While it isn’t as robust, it is progressively adaptable. It is more erosion safe, simpler to weld, and progressively suited for machining.

6061 has a broad scope of uses. It can be used in building items, funneling, and recreational things. Like 2024, it is additionally utilized in wing and fuselage structures. However, this is progressively basic in a homebuilt airplane, rather than business or military airplane.

2024 Aluminum vs. 7075 Aluminum

The 7075 alloy, similar to 2024, is regular in the avionic business. The fundamental purpose behind this is that it is among the most grounded aluminum alloys accessible. With precipitation solidifying, it can accomplish an elasticity of 83,000 psi and yield a quality of 73,000 psi – more grounded than 2024.

As far as applications are concerned, 7075 is fit for applications that require high pressure like Ball joint railing supplier. However, 2024 is suitable for applications where high cyclic fatigue resistance is needed.

Wrap Up

The 2024 aluminum is often used in aircraft applications because of its high strength along with fatigue resistance. It has more strength than 6061 but lacks in versatility. The 2024 aluminum alloy is suited to applications that need strain resistance and high stress.

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