Making of Aluminum Extrusion
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The Making of an Aluminum Extrusion

From regular paper clips to complicated pieces of utilized in advanced technology, aluminum extrusion China is used in different sizes and shapes for end-use value addition applications. The computer we use these days comprises of one aluminum profile at least in shape of a heat sink. This means aluminum provides exceptional thermal conductivity. Freedom of design and unique anodizing ability keep the PC’s processor cool.


Extrusion is a process to create the stuff of a fixed cross-sectional profile. A unique device is known as ‘die’ is utilized to produce extrusions by shaping or cutting the subject material using a press. The dies are personalized for the creation of the required design.

Extrusion Properties

The attributes of extrusion are dependent upon a few aspects:

  • Temperature of billet
  • Design of die in use
  • The functioning temperature in the process
  • Pace of the extrusion process
  • Grade or class of alloy used

As per rule, higher mechanical characteristics of an alloy depicts a lower rate of extrusion. Higher friction between the billet and liner wall gives result in a more extended period needed to begin the billet extrusion. The rate of extrusion of shape shows the volume of mechanical working, which will occur as the shape is extruded.

The real wood grain aluminum extrusion starts when a billet is pushed through a die via the ram attached with the hydraulic press. Now, an aluminum billet is transported to the loader. With the loader, a lubricant is mixed to save it from gluing to the extrusion equipment.

To avert any creation of nitrogen or oxides in gaseous or liquid form is put and permitted to flow through the die’s sections. This creates the inert atmosphere and enhances the die’s life. The size of extrusion is measured through its cross-sectional dimension, which is the longest. The longest dimension is sometimes, called as the ‘fit’ within the circle diameter (CCD).

Once the aluminum extrusion China cools down on its arrival, the stretcher might be used for straightening it and correct any twists which may have happened. The conveyors then feed the work to the saw for ageing and cutting. Ageing is helpful for the provision of natural stiffness to the extrusion. Ageing is heated in an oven.

Wrap Up

To adjust the texture, color, and brightness of the wood grain aluminum finish, painting or aluminum anodizing can be done. This anodizing/painting is the last step before extrusion is transferred to the manufacturing unit.

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