Wood Grain Aluminum Supplier

Over the years, we have manufactured several different and innovative types of aluminum-based products like bright dip, aluminum extrusion, powder-coated aluminum, aluminum profile, etc. However, we always receive satisfactory responses from our customers regarding our wood grain aluminum. This is our flagship product and is normally made through aluminum with a durable wood-like appearance or powerfully coated with a finish.
Focused on offering top-quality aluminum products to consumers all over the globe, new construction aluminum Co. Ltd., offers the gentle effects of natural wood grain aluminum along with massive longevity. We give individual attention to each of our clients, listen to what they need, and deliver work within the due date.
In this regard, as a wood-grain aluminum supplier, we understand that to achieve versatility, our production process should be authoritative in pinpointing executing restorative measures, complicated areas, finding the right solutions, and consecutively appraising the change effects. NC Aluminum is also committed to ensuring that the whole manufacturing process is consistent for its operations.

Wood Grain Aluminum Manufacturer

We are a specialist wood grain aluminum producer that produces specialized mid-to-high grade window and door profiles, decorative profiles, wall curtain profiles, and manufacturing aluminum profiles globally.
Our other products like powder coated aluminum and bright dip anodizing aluminum are in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard. We also possess a sound and foolproof detective system. As a top wood grain supplier, we have different patent certificates along with the aluminum profile of the NC Aluminum brand.
Our employees are the major reason why we have achieved so much success. Due to the hard-working workforce, we continuously make quality aluminum products that satisfy the customers. To accomplish quality, we remain willing to allot various resources to the need of all individuals, including the problems encountered in the quality via efficient training and immediate involvement.
Our raw material suppliers for wood grain aluminum have a straightforward effect on the quality of the affiliated products. To become a distinguished wood grain supplier, we ask our suppliers to provide sufficient assurances for personalized quality. We also have a system for inspecting raw materials to satisfy the quality of the products supplied.

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